George and Dee
Scamming the Scammers
George is a rubber lizard. He starred on his own web cam for over a year. At one time he had 1,300 viewers waiting for him to move. He has his own email address. He is constantly getting emails from humans and scammers from all over the world. He has a friend Dee Russel. Dee is George's owners dog. She is a Jack Russel. She has her own email address also. Dee doesn't know anything about scammers and the Internet. Dee received a email from about laundering money from a Textile company in the UK by cashing checks for them. She was supposed to take 10% and send the rest to them through Western Union. Dee went to her friend George and decided to use his email address to answer. They replied to the email. See below. The scammers replied back. They set up a deal. Dee received her first check today. It was for the amount of $4,400.00See below.The check came from L.A. California by UPS. See Below. They are not going to get their money because Dee has no checking account, cannot sign the check and has no ID except a dog license and rabies tag.
  <>Add sender to Contacts To: george_lizard@ ?????.com
Dear Dee,
Thanks for getting back to us ,your application is being processed and after all necessary checks have been done and we are satisfied,I
will send you an email informing you as to when you would be getting the first set of payments and also then give you the necessary information
on how you would go about cashing and sending down the company's money after you must have deducted your commission.
  Remember that you are to send the cash by  means of western union money transfer or money gram,which ever one is closest to you, but
western union would be a preferred method.  You should take the initiative and look for the one closest to you and mail me back on that.
Looking forward to you having a rewarding time working together. Have a wonderful day,

Matthew Ambrose
C.E.O Dagenham Textiles & Fabrics Ltd. (UK). Announcer,
Mr. Paul Mitchel
Human Resources Department
Dagenham Textils and Fabrics" <>Add sender to Contacts To: george_lizard@???? .com
Hello Dee,
  I hope that this mail meets you in the best of conditions and that all is well with you and your family . Please forgive the fact that I have not been intouch with you for quite sometime now its due to the fact that I have been out of town attending to personal business.
First and foremost I would like to wish you a happy thanksgiving secondly I would like to congratulate you because your application has been processed and you now have a job with my company.

I have just got off the phone with my client and I have been made to understand that you ought to receive payment late on friday evening or first thing on saturday morning at the most. So kindly be at the address you gave us to receive the package.

I will get back to you soon and give you more details if there are any, like the tracking number of the package which will enable you to know the present location of the package before it gets to you.

I will also send an email giving you the details on the payment that would be getting to you and the steps that would be taken by you
(i.e) I promise to keep you posted on any information you may need to know before hand. Have a wonderful day and hope we would have a good
working relationship with you.

Micheal Ambrose
C.E.O Dagenham Textiles & Fabrics Ltd. (UK)
Office: +447035945483

MAIN REQUIREMENTS 18 years or older Legally capable Responsible Ready to work 3-4 hours per week.
With PC knowledge
First name..Dee...  Last name:. Russel. Full Address:.1111 Some ST.... City:...Memphis.. State ..TN.... Country..USA. Zip Code  38127...
Phone..My phone is broken.... Sex..Female.. Date of birth.02-29-1997.. Are you employed...yes.. Self employed...yes.... Have you done a job like this online? you have a checking/savings account? ..yes. A big one.. Best means of communication email/phone?...Email until my phone is fixed.
Forward Your Reply To Either Of The Following Address:

George Rubber Lizard (George Lizard)
Dee Dog Russel (DD Russel)
Matthew Ambrose
C.E.O Dagenham Textiles & Fabrics Ltd. (UK). Announcer,
Mr. Paul Mitchel
Human Resources Department

Dear Miss Russel,
I am offering you a place in our Part time/Work from home Job scheme. We are an International middle-man trading company with our corporate
headquarters based in Japan and liaison offices in the United kingdom, Italy and Benin Republic. Since establishment in 1997 we have done our
business in Mainland Asia and Oceania, in 1990 we extended our Region of supplies due to continuious demands to Northern America and Europe.

We deal on raw factory materials, finished and unfinished products. As a result of our competent records for treating customer demands and
supplies, customers have referred us to other possible clients and we have been receiving orders from Northern America, Europe And Australia-These are areas we classified as outside our reach initially.
We discovered that since we decided to started business in the USA and CANADA ,we have been having problems getting payments from our
customers as it was very uneasy for them to send payments to our company in Asia even when they did, foreign checks will normally take at
least 28 Working days to clear (this period will normally delay our business) We decided to start a regional office in the UK. This office
could not stand with handling all of the payments as the number of staffs could not meet the number of payments been received - hence we decided to
hire individuals over the Internet who will help us receive and process payments on our behalf and then forward the funds to any of our offices
which we designate.
2.1. Flexible program: Two - Three (2 - 3) hours daily at your choice (Day time or Evening Time).
2.2. Work at Home: Check e-mails, going to the Bank, professional contact team with very good support and Communication Skills.
2.3. Other Highlights: No selling Involved, No Kits to Buy, No Advance fees, We won't charge you a dime!
3.0. WAGES:
3.1. Commission: 10% of every transaction successfully processed- checks, money orders that is cashed instantly is forwarded to our designated offices within and outside the USA. "Cash In Hand" or "Cash at counter"
is what we request this is to speed up our supply as we will not supply without receiving payments from our customers.

Example: If you receive a check of $1,000:00 your net Income is $100:00 and the balance of $900:00 Is forwarded to the company.

4.0. How to Forward Payments:
4.1. Once you have received and processed payments, you will be requested to forward payments via which ever method which we will
instruct you to forward them through, sometimes via direct transfer to our accounts and some other times via Western Union or Money-Gram.


5.0. WHAT WE ASK: Two free hours daily not including weekends, Internet access for sending and receiving e-mails, available means of cashing
money orders/ checks at your bank using your existing or new bank account.

If you meet these conditions all you have to do is make contact with us providing your full name & mailing address, phone or fax numbers age and
occupation(for contact purposes) using our contact informations as set below.

Best Regards

Matthew Ambrose
C.E.O Dagenham Textiles & Fabrics Ltd. (UK). Announcer,
Mr. Paul Mitchel
Human Resources Department

Original email
Money orders this time 12/23/2008
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